Game Day


Fighting Falcons Game Day Traditions

  • Home games at Falcon Stadium are a serious event for U.S. Air Force Academy cadets!
  • All of our students become part of the team during our game day traditions: tailgating, marching onto the field, running into the stands and freshmen doing push-ups in the end zone!



Game day is always fun.

We take our sports seriously.

Game day here, we wake up. You take the bus down to the football field. We have huge tailgates.

And everybody's just grilling and having a good time and hanging out. Like, they love building up the spirit.

Everyone is excited. Everyone is pumped up. Everybody is yelling.

All 40 squadrons march onto the field. Salute the flag during the national anthem. Run back up into the stands. And then you've got the game.

Getting to march on the field, running in the stands, that's probably the funniest part of the game.


After a touchdown's scored all of the freshmen go out in the stands and do push ups right in the back of the end zone. When we're winning those games it's 50, nothing, kind of tough for them.

Everyone is just so happy and so excited and lively. And then you have everyone in Colorado Springs above you shouting, having fun, cheering you on, almost like you are part of the team.


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Game Day

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