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Intramural Sports - For the Sport of It

  • At the U.S. Air Force Academy, every cadet is an athlete. Intramural athletics gives our students a fun way to exercise while offering great leadership opportunities.
  • USAFA's intramural sports range from boxing to dodgeball. These competitions build bonds within squadrons and allow cadets to unwind after class.


Intramural sports is a way for you to get really close to your squadron, for one. And for another thing, it's a way for you to really just have fun and do something outdoorsy.

We offer lots of different sports, everything from racquetball to basketball to soccer.

We have to be physically fit, but we also like to have fun. So I feel like intramurals incorporates both of those things.

Intramurals are great. It's a great time to unwind, have a little bit more fun, usually in the afternoons after classes.

Well, intramurals are awesome just because they make them mandatory at the school for a reason. Everyone goes out there, has a good time. It means a lot, especially for freshmen. Nice chance to get away from all the things they have to do.

It was a good way to relieve stress and to form that bond with your teammate.

The point of intramurals, it's not supposed to be super competitive, but it's supposed to be just a fun thing during the day.

And you're going to go through it with your squadron. Your squadron's going to build a team. You're going to go play against other squadrons.

Once you become a part of the team, you feel really close to the people in your little group.

It's a lot of fun. Everyone comes out. And it's a great time to, again, unwind and still get some physical activity in with your squadron.

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For the Sport of it