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The U. S. Air Force Academy's Faculty

  • USAFA's faculty is approximately 70% military officers and 30% civilian professors who work together to create a dynamic learning environment
  • Our faculty brings experiences from their different roles in overseas deployments, academia, and operational military bases -- something you may not find at other universities.
  • The diverse faculty at USAFA is excited to have the opportunity to work with and serve the students at USAFA -- the unique young men and women who will go on to do great things for our country.

Teaching is really special here. I get to go into the classroom every other day and interact with cadets. I get to go into the classroom with people I respect.

The faculty here at the Air Force Academy is composed of approximately 70% Air Force officers and about 30% civilian faculty members like myself. So that mix turns out to be very synergistic.

And the interaction between the two just creates a very dynamic teaching environment. When they come into our environment, many of them don't know a whole lot about the military, but they bring in a teaching experience that many of us maybe have never had.

We have people who have deployed to all portions of the globe. And they've networked all over to different bases, to different commands, and they bring back that operational experience with them. And that's something that I don't think your typical civilian professor at your typical civilian university can bring in.

So we kind of work together to make it exciting, to make it appropriate, to make it important. Every lesson has to count here. I came here because I knew that all of my students put their hands at the beginning and volunteer to give everything for their country.

I jump out of bed every day to come here. I jump out of bed, and I jump into my uniform and get really excited because of all of the things that I get to do while I'm here.

It's the working with each other. It's the fact that the students all work together. The students work with the faculty. It's not the faculty versus the student, which I've seen at colleges.

It's very special for me to be part of this faculty and to teach here because of the young people that I have the opportunity to influence.

I believe a lot of the cadets here realize they have so many opportunities.

I actually in my very first duty assignment knew that I wanted to come here and teach. I wanted to come back so that I could have this meaningful experience with these people who will go out and do all kinds of great things for their country, for the service, even just for their squadrons. So I wanted to be a part of that.

It's just great to walk into class every day.

It's absolutely an honor to be here.

I really relish their accomplishments as they go out there and do great things for the country.

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