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The Dorm Life


The Dorm Life at the U.S. Air Force Academy

  • Our students live in the dorms for all four years that they attend USAFA.
  • The dorm rooms are assigned by squadrons, so cadets live with their teammates, classmates and friends.
  • It's like living in the dorms at any other university -- you have your decorations, music and personal touches -- but you're sharing the space with people who are going through the same experience and challenges that you're facing.


Dorm life is a lot of fun. We all live together, we work together, we eat together, we do everything together.

It's definitely nice because you spend time with your roommates and you get to know them. And they really become your family.

And you can see that my roommate has patches from all of the different squadrons he's visited and all the friends that he's made.

In every squadron, you have your own unique personality, its own unique way of life.

Getting to live with your friends just down the hall is was really awesome. It's not an experience I've had before. Some of my best friends live next door.

It's easy to fall in line with my classmates here. It's comforting to know that the person next to you also is going through the same thing.

Having the common experience, I believe, it makes a dorm life a lot better than at a regular college.

And yeah, I'm one of those guys that will blast some crazy awesome music in my room just to have fun.

I have a TV, a personal computer, a guitar, and a refrigerator. I've also got a sound system. It's not much but I like to call it home.

As an upperclassman, you do get a lot more freedom. Like now than I'm a junior, I can own a car, I can go out during the week. I can just have a little bit more fun. But your responsibility also does go up.

Dorm life at the Academy is everything that you're going to make out of it. I can't put every cadet in a box and say, this is what it's like for them. My roommates, the bond that you build with them. It makes you inseparable.


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