Business Management


U.S. Air Force Academy's Department of Management

  • We have one of the most prestigious Business Management undergraduate programs in the country.
  • Business Management prepares our students with the tools to lead people and programs in the Air Force and in their careers after service.
  • The management major is accredited and provides an excellent foundation. Our program produces critical thinkers who are ready to lead organizations. 


The Air Force Academy's Department of Management is one of the top five undergraduate business school programs in the country.

I wanted to be a Management major because I'm really interested in the business aspect and just learning about international studies. We learned about the different aspects of what makes up a company, and how to manage people and help them in the workplace.

So we sent cadets out every year in a program called Cadet Summer Research. The point there is to get them exposed to best practices outside the military and be able to bring that innovation and those practices back inside, and look at ways how can we apply that now to our organization, to our Air Force, to make it better.

I love the management program here at the Academy. Our instructors are amazing. They've all had their different career fields. They've all been on deployments. And when they get to class, you learn something new every day.

This course is essentially a capstone course, so it's integrating everything the cadets have learned throughout their career-- both in the core curriculum as well as within the management department-- and bringing that all together to make an idea work.

Leadership is a huge aspect at the Academy, and, being a Management major, it directly correlates to being able to lead people and manage them and allow them to be at their best all the time.

So what's unique about coming into the classroom here at the Air Force Academy is, cadets are being educated by their future employer. So a lot of the things that we're learning in the classroom can be applied directly in cadet life, as well as it will translate seamlessly to what the cadets are doing, both in the Air Force as well as any type of career [? thereafter. ?]

When I graduate, I would actually like to go into the contracting and acquisitions career field. I think my life is definitely different coming to the Air Force Academy because when I graduate from here, I'm not just graduating with a degree. I'm graduating with a purpose.


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