USAFA Preparatory School

What is the Academy Prep School


U.S. Air Force Academy Preparatory School

  • The Academy Prep School helps prepare young men and women academically, militarily and physically to face the challenges of USAFA.
  • The 240 students at the Prep School form bonds that continue throughout the undergraduate experience.


The Air Force Academy prep school is just right on base of the Air Force Academy. Prep school prepared me for the academy in so many ways. They want to acclimate you to being in the military because they see the great potential in you.

You're there to be prepared to come to the Air Force Academy.

They teach you the fundamentals, and the course load is a lot lighter.

The prep school better prepared me for life at the Academy by equipping me with the grades that I needed. Coming to the Academy-- the way that they pushed us there, I'm now on the dean's list here. I would recommend the preparatory school to other people because of the people that you meet there.

The best thing about being a prep schooler is just building those relationships. I still know preppies that I talk to all the time, and we just have this thing.

If you can look over to someone who you went to the prep school with-- and you maybe didn't even speak to while you were there-- but to see them, and just give them a simple head nod. Or when your flights pass by each other and you slip a fist bump in there, it makes you feel good-- like you're not alone.

Preparatory School

What is the Academy Prep School